Monday, March 19, 2018

Celebrating WINS! Of ALL Sizes.

I recently got a prayer journal that has an area to write the things that you want God to teach you. The thing I've been noticing writing the most is for God to speak clearly to me on what HE wants from me; not feeling pressured to do the things other people expect from me. To hear HIS voice clearly and to drown out the noise of everything else that isn't going to matter in 10, 20, or 50 years. I just keep feeling God telling me to slow down, that He has given me 3 amazing boys, and that they are a gift, so THEY are my calling. My husband and my kids are the thing God has called me to first and foremost. Everything else comes after. I've been much more intentional about how I spend my days. 

This little buddy here is such a gift! He also challenges me and my patience more than anyone has ever been able to do. Thanks to the good Lord bestowing upon him every possible stubborn, strong willed, and independent personality trait that his dad and I have, and then doubling it. Awesome for the leader of a organization, sometimes difficult to know how to parent as a 6 year old. Well, after making some changes, we are starting to see real results in ourselves as parents, and in him. We are seeing that we can lead him first and foremost with our actions and words and it takes being intentional every second of every day. That is a lesson that I'm learning more every single day but sure is a hard pill to swallow sometimes. I can't change anyone but me. I can change his actions, and outward attitude, yes, but his true feelings, his heart, his thoughts??? Nope. That cannot be forced. But I can definitely change my own. 

Today I didn't get anything done at the house, I didn't get anything done with either of my businesses, but I did get to see my precious buddy get recognized at school with a perseverance award and I got to have lunch on the lawn with him while he told me about every part of his day so far. He sat there and ate and held my hand and then hugged me and was so proud telling everyone I was his mommy. Those might be little wins but they are definitely going to be celebrated. So today we celebrate with Wendy's for lunch and an Almond Joy for dessert. Because, why not?

When I do what God tells me to do I have peace. I have joy. I have more purpose than I ever thought possible. 

Something that is working amazingly for us here is a pom pom jar system! I wrote the things out for each child that they were struggling with and that maybe they needed more help with, and if the do those things, or don't do them all day, depending on what it is, then they get a pom pom to work on filling up their jar. They each decided on one thing they are working towards and when the jar is full, they get that reward! It's positive reinforcement, so although they don't get a pom pom if the list items aren't met, they don't get any taken out either. It's doing wonders for these boys! Any boy moms out there know that having boys is like a puppy pack mentality. One is adorable and not too hard, but then you get more than one together and it's just barking and accidents everywhere. My life is trying to be the best leader of this puppy pack I have created!

Oliver is 6 1/2 years old

Harry is 5 years old
Simon is 3 1/2
So as you can see it's working and they almost have them all full! YAY!!! Now, if you have super amazing, well behaved children, then maybe just do a small prize for filling it up, because they could fill it up fast! This is going on week 3 for my kids, and you will notice there are a lot of potty issues we are working on!

Let me know if you try it and it works for you!

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