Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesdays are my BFF

The amount of things that I need and want to tell you is astounding. I guess that's what happens when you try to be a blogger but then don't post for years at a time. I would say that I am turning over a new leaf, and that I am actually going to keep this up once and for all, but that would be saying something that I don't know if I can actually do, so I won't lie. I'll just say that I want to post more, and hopefully it actually happens. I really use Instagram as my blog now, and you can follow me there @amy.otis.

So I really hopped on to say that I freaking love Tuesdays. Is there any other momma out there that has a random day that they just love? We don't have to do anything to do except to pick up Oliver from school at 2. The rest of the day we stay in our pjs. If I'm being completely honest, I even sometimes throw on a sweatshirt and wear my pjs to get Oliver too. Because I'm cool and secure in myself like that. Sometimes, I don't even wear a bra....gasp! Yes, I've become "that" mom. Thankfully I pick him up in the carpool lane and I don't even have to get out of the car, or that would be embarrassing. Oh, and I am usually wearing my slippers. So that's my Tuesday. That's why I love Tuesdays. I do need to do a video for my business Facebook group though, So I'll probably have to throw on a top and be business from the waist up at some point. Hey , hey....bonus for working from home! I will throw on yoga pants and a bit of concealer before my hubby gets home though around 5:30, then around 7:30 probably throw back on these same pjs. So I do really up my game since still being sexy for my hubby after 11 years of marriage is a good thing.... I mean, who doesn't love a good yoga pant and some concealer??? Sometimes if I'm feeling extra sexy, I might even add some old Bath and Body works spray that I find in my medicine cabinet, not perfume, because that's a bit too pricey to are on wearing around the house though for a bunch of boys that praise themselves when they fart and feel a sense of accomplishment when they make the bathroom stinky...

So, cheers to you momma, out there working it, dressed however you feel most beautiful, and however you can best do YOU. And cheers to me who wrote this blog post while letting her kids watch an episode of PJ Masks because I did something for ME! Cheers to freaking Tuesdays.

What I look like on Tuesdays 

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