Friday, August 2, 2013

Oliver's 2nd Birthday: A Rainbow Art Party

My Son's 2nd Birthday: Rainbow Art Party!

My son Oliver loves to color. In fact, before he could really talk he said crayons. Well, he said "bop-wees." I don't know how that word was created from crayons, but that's what he called them. He would ask for them all day long; yes all day long. He would say, "bop-wees" and then sign "please". How could I not let him color? Do I have crayon marks on my walls? Yep! Are we living in a rental since we're in the military? Yep. Are we going to have to re-paint his entire playroom? Yep. Sometimes there is a lone crayon somewhere in his playroom that I forgot to pick up. When I hear nothing and things are a bit too silent I run in there and sure enough he has found a crayon. He even figured out that he could color with all kinds of different things on the walls: magnets, toy cars, and even a spatula! This kid.... Well, I digress...

With all that said, how could I not have an art party for my little wild, artsy man?! I had so much fun getting everything together and planning it. When the kids went to sleep I would work on everything. My husband even helped out. I love that man. He helps me with all of my wild ideas and creations. This is where my time and energy goes these days. Because of my background in weddings, events, and design, my boys are going to have full out, crazy, large, birthday parties until they no longer want them; well, scratch that. They will always, until I'm no longer around have crazy, fun-filled parties!!!

Here are some pictures of the fun day for my little buddy.
The food area

 I used a paint can from Lowes and a cheap plastic tablecloth to make it look like paint was spilling from a can
 Presents!And how we decorated the mantle. 
We lined the stairs with the number "2." My sister in law cut out all of these 2's!

 I used crayon boxes and bowls that I hot glued crayons around to hold all of the utensils.
 For the utensil holders, instead of just wrapping them with napkins, I got paint chips from Lowes (a lot) and hot glues them together and put the silverware in. It worked perfectly and was adorable! 
 Crayons and paint as party favors! Purchased from Amazon

My husband decorated my son's high chair with rainbow streamers. He is such a good sport!

Me and the birthday boy!
The dessert set up
Rainbow cake and rainbow jello. The jello took about 12 hours with cooling times! A labor of love!
My 6 layer rainbow cake! Inside, each layer was a different color of the rainbow

Tie Dye cupcakes. My friend made these and I made the icing. I put 6 different icing colors into different piping bags and then put them all into one large bag. They all squeeze out and come out looking like tie dye!
My son was obsessed with these. They are marshmallows dipped in chocolate and the sprinkles on a colorful straw. He asked for them all the time. Sometimes these get to be his craft time and I let him make his own.
For food, we had a taco and nacho bar. I had tortilla chips and soft tacos and chicken and beef for meat. Then guests could add lots of yummy toppings in glass bowls to look like different colors of paint. I thought this was fitting for an art party. It was a hit!
I got more paint chips from Lowes (they did have a few left when I was finished) and Glued them to ribbon in different lengths then hung them on this ledge. It brought some nice color to the party.

Blow up crayons from Amazon. Not very expensive but they looks adorable and my boys love playing with them now.

The chocolate covered birthday boy. I also got him a t shirt made with his name, a crayon and the number "2" on it.

My husband and my youngest!

The cake!
Instructions on how to make this cake can be found here: Rainbow Cake

We did the rainbow pinata inside because it was so hot outside!

We remembered to get a family picture! My little family. 


  1. hey Amy, your ds is an artist and so you are. You did a fabulous job. I love all decorations. and that is one of the cutest birthday cake I have seen ever. The theme really carries throughout!

    1. Kate, Thank you so much! I had fun planning and executing it! Looking forward to celebrating my youngest's first party next month!

  2. Great work! Thanks for all of the fabulous ideas!