Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LOVE Art with tiny hands and feet

This artwork is all over Pinterest right now, so I can't say that I was entirely original coming up with it. It doesn't take long at all and look how cute it looks! No wonder it's all over the place. Even you people out there who say you're "un-crafty" can do this one with the kiddos; I promise.

This now decorates our playroom wall and I just love it. I love the bright colors and I love that it uses both my boys to make the artwork. I plan on doing one every year; probably on larger canvas as they grow. I think I'll make them do this even as teenagers...Okay, maybe that's going to far. I mean, I do already dress them up in matching outfits and sailor suits and take bath pictures.....okay, maybe enough embarrassing things? Never!

I digress...Here's how you do it!

You will need
Canvas (I used 12x12 but my boys are both under 2)
Acrylic paint in two colors
A paint brush
Tiny feet and hands!

Paint the canvas in one color, I would suggest not using to dark colors because you want the hand and footprints to show up well. I used the lighter color as the base. Let dry completely before trying the hand and footprints.

Paint the "L" and the "E" first so you know where your hand and footprints will fit.

Paint the little one's handprint for the "O" and quickly put onto the canvas. You don't want to leave it there long because if your little guy is like mine he will try to paint the canvas and you wont get a clear handprint. Quickly push on your little one's hand to flatten it out and get enough paint on the canvas.

For the "V" I used my baby's feet. Easier than trying to use his little balled-up fists (he's 4 months old.) Same deal here paint and press into a "V" shape!

Immediate run to the sink to wash as mush paint off the kiddos as you can so that you're not the one with paint all over yourself!

Let dry and Voila!

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