Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Boy Number 2 Is Almost Here!

I am 38 weeks pregnant. For those of you out there that have been preggos before you know that this means I am miserable! Random contractions, feeling and looking like a beached whale, aches and pains that you didn't know were even possible, swelling....need I continue? Well needless to say with a 15 month old running around the house and me waddling after him it has been difficult to give the same time and attention to decorating the nursery for our new little guy. It's an important part of the "nesting" process for me though; it helps me to feel more connected with this baby boy and feel like I can really go into labor now. Saying all this and knowing full well that he will spend months in my room before he spends more than a few minutes in his nursery; I still needed to get it done for me.

Well here it is! I still have some things left to do. There are a few picture frames without pictures and I haven't gotten my glider in yet but it's a good start!

Harrison Elliot is on his way!

Harry's bedroom door. Made from letters of a banner from the shower my sister in laws threw me

Baby mobile I made from felt

Crib and background wall. I made the chevron pattern on the wall with white contact paper since we are renting. It was pretty easy! And only cost me about $6. I also made the bed skirt and didn't have to sew a thing to do so!

Curtains I made with ZigZag pattern fabric from

Picture frames are from Target and Ikea. I filled them with different animal prints and some pictures of Harrison still in my belly! There is one blank because my brother is making me a print that he hasn't finished yet.

Embroidery hoop art. I filled these with left over fabric and some scrap book paper. I made one with teal ribbon that I weaved like a basket but that took forever! This is where the glider will go.

The "H" letters are wrapped in yarn and were a decoration at Harry's baby shower. I made the changing pad cover and it didn't take long at all, inexpensive too from left over curtain fabric. I need to do some reorganizing but I love the bright colors. 

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