Monday, February 27, 2012

7 Moves in 6 Years!

So we are moving again! Big surprise with my hubby being in the military. We knew that we would be moving again soon and we didn't want to have to take a lot of time off to find a house once we get to where we're going because my husband's job is going to be very demanding and he wants to have as much training under the person whose job he's taking as possible. So we relied on pictures and friends to help us to find a house. This is the first time we've ever done this; not see the house in person before we rent it. We're hoping to be here at least 3 years and we have no plans on moving again once we get into this house, so I guess we had better like it!

My friend went over and took pictures for us. She took pictures of the neighborhood, the street, the inside of the house, how close the house was to the other houses around it. And we really likes the pictures so we took her word for it and rented the house site unseen! We'll have to see how this works out when we get there in just a week! I'm actually pretty excited to move on and get out of Florida! Too hot and humid for me here! I do love the beaches though, I will miss that white sand and clear water!

With moving all the time, you never really get to make a house truly your own. The owners here are awesome though and said we can even paint if we want as long as the colors aren't too outrageous! This makes me even more excited! I fully plan on painting Oliver's nursery like the day after we move in! With being able to make the house more of "our house" I plan on doing some different decorating. I've been wanted to change things up for a while and am loving yellow, grey and navy together. These are the things I have picked out so far for the house!

I have wanted this rug since Genevieve Gorder used it in one of the rooms she designed on Ask Genevieve. And it's on sale now! Perfect too because the carpet tiles will be great when Oliver starts being a typical baby and spilling thing on the carpet. I can just replace on tile instead of getting a new rug all together!

Yes, this is also a chevron pattern and I debated about there being too much chevron in the room but the room is large and I think it's going to be a statement piece. This fabric is going to be curtains, and yes! I'm going to make them! I'll post about how they turn out later because I'm not exactly an expert seamstress! Here are my choices so far and I'll be posting more about the house and decorating it as I go!

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  1. I love the color combination you picked out, it's going to look super cute!