Monday, January 23, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

This post doesn't even need a recipe but I LOVE strawberry shortcake and I really just wanted to post this to admit my love of strawberry shortcake to the world. Look how beautiful this is, how yummy, how decedent. Mmmmmm, hold on a second, I need to go make one....................

Okay, I'm back. Now what was I saying, oh yes, strawberry shortcake. This is the most simple thing ever. I do like making my own shortcake and adding all kinds of yummy additions to the strawberries, maybe even some balsamic vinegar, and I do love homemade whipped cream but for this strawberry shortcake I kept it simple and grocery-store bought. Ninety nine cent shortcake shells from the produce section of the grocery store, strawberries, some sugar and cool whip! So delicious and scrumptious and mmmmm....

So easy, simple, some would say too easy, non gourmet at all and not worthy of a blog post but I say this deserves all the honor and glory this blog brings with it's whole group of 3 followers! :)

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