Thursday, January 12, 2012

Craig and Tricia Tie the Knot!

Craig is my brother and he met and married a wonderful woman about a year and a half ago. I'm just now putting up the pictures! I'm falling down on the job! Anyways, they are perfect for each other! As you will see in the pictures they are super fun to be around and are hilarious! I am so happy that I got the chance to be part of their special day and that I have to a new sister in law that I love!

 It's a wedding, you know there has to be a jumping picture!

 My brother loves to break it down on the dance floor; too bad he dances like a white guy!
 Love this picture of them!

 The bridal party. Tricia told us the color but let us pick any dress we wanted as long as it was knee length.
 Me and the beautiful bride and new sister in law!
 My brothers, sister in laws and my hubby!
 The whole family. We are a crazy bunch of people.
 My husband and brother; only they would think of doing this!

 The groom holding the bride's bouquet.

 Craig insisted on carrying Tricia in the door of the reception!

Wedding: Oxon Hill Baptist Church, Oxon Hill, MD
Reception: Hampton Inn and Suites, National Harbour, MD
Flowers, Decor and Coordinating: May Lane Designs (Entertaining Creativity)
Photography: Sarah Seavey,


  1. Awww! This was sooo sweet Amy! You did an amazing job with decorations. It was the best day ever! I'm so glad we're family!

    This is Tricia by the way. I don't quite know how to post a comment with my name. I'll eventually figure it out hahaha.

  2. Craig is a lucky guy , and wedding seems to be a fantastic one , best wishes for Craig and Tricia ...:)