Monday, January 16, 2012

Becky's Super Fly Airplane and Sky Baby Shower

Abraham is the name my friend Becky has picked out for the ever-growing baby boy that is taking residence in her tummy right now. Her husband is in flight school at the moment and they have decided to decorate the nursery in planes; so what better theme for a baby shower?! Airplanes and sky is the theme I decided on for her baby shower. I think she enjoyed it! Abraham Express Airlines; All Aboard!

 Diaper airplane cake! Designed and made by my hubby! I started attempting to make this and he took over because he said I wasn't making things in the right proportions! 

 Yummy sky cupcakes made by one of my friends and toppers made by me! I love the marshmallow free-form clouds on top!
 The happy mommy-to-be! And the Abraham Express Airlines sign above her. 
 Balloons and streamers made the light fixtures look like clouds!
 Our wall of wishes for Abraham. All these were written on clouds. 
 Paper airplanes on the sky backdrop
 Beverage service was make your own mimosa. Yummmyyyyyy!
 About to Pop-corn! 
 Cloud and sky centerpieces!
 Mimosa table!

 Cloud and rain decor that we made to turn into a baby mobile for the nursery

 We used maps and charts from flight school that the pilot-to-be didn't need anymore.

 Food table!

 Ticketing table when you entered the shower to write your address on a thank you note and your well wishes on a cloud.
 Airplane favors made from gum, lifesavers and smarties!

 In-Flight snacks! "A" for Abraham and honey-roasted peanuts and chocolate covered pretzels. 
 Painted cloud and rain drops for the mommy to be to remember all the people who love her and Abraham already!
Making bibs for Abraham!
 Our pregnancy game! Everyone had to use balloons and a golf ball between their knees and race to the finish line and drop the golf ball into a cup! Mimicking the way preggo ladies have to pee!! I laughed so hard!
      And they're off!

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